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Monday, November 16, 2015

What to do in the Champagne region in France

Despite its proximity to Paris, the Champagne-Ardenne region is not over-run by tourists. Hop on the TGV high-speed train and in 40 minutes you will see gentle hills covered with neat vineyards where some of the most famous French wines are made. Here is our list must-dos in the region.

Enjoy the bubbly

The area around Reims and Epernay is home to the top champagne houses. You can visit such grand producers as Veuve Clicquot, Krug, Moët & Chandon, Taittinger to learn how the sparkling wine is made, see the impressive ancient caves where the wine is matured and taste some precious bubbly. There are many small producers in Epernay, who also offer champagne tours and degustations in a more intimate atmosphere.

Discover a gem

The small town of Langres, in the south of the region, is often called the "Carcassonne of the North", although fewer tourists know about this beautiful place. The charming Langres is picture-perfect with its ancient ramparts, beautiful churches, elegant palaces and a slow pace of life. 

Chateau de Sedan
Visit Château de Sedan

The formidable early-15th century fort is the biggest in Europe. It covers covering an area of 35,000 square metres with some walls 30 metres thick. It has seen many battles and sieges and today houses a museum and hotel.

Watch birds at Lac du Der 

The largest artificial lake in Europe covering 19 square miles is an important area on the migration routes of water birds. Birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts from all over Europe come here to see spectacular flocks of cranes, geese, egrets. 

Le Park Restaurant
Enjoy fine dining

The region has some of France’s best restaurants. L’Assiette champenoise boasts three Michelin stars and offers an unforgettably delicious dining experience. For classic French cuisine head to the famous Le Parc, at the historic Les Crayères hotel, in Reims where you will be treated like a royal to an exquisite menu of veal, white truffles, sweetbreads and other delicacies.

Photos by: Krug/Facebook, Gerard Feron/Flickr, Château fort de Sedan/Facebook, Domaine Les Crayeres/Facebook.

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