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Monday, June 20, 2016

Exploring the city of Strasbourg

Strasbourg a stunning destination to visit on private tours of France. It has a wealth of architectural gems, museums and archaeological sites that serve as reminders of the city’s long history. 

Once the richest city in the Holy Roman Empire, Strasbourg prospered throughout its history and remains an important cultural hub and home to the European Parliament. History awaits at every corner in Strasburg as you walk its narrow cobblestone streets lined with  charming burghers' houses and elegant palaces. 

The impressive Cathedral of Notre-Dame dominates the city. One of the most important monuments of Western architecture, the Cathedral took several centuries to complete. With the 142-meter spire, the Strasbourg Cathedral is one of the highest churches in the Christian world. Inside you can admire stunning medieval stained-glass windows, an old organ and an old astronomical clock that strikes at 12.30 every day while mechanical figures of Christ and the Apostles parade in front of spectators. 

Climb up the 330 steps to the top of the tower for spectacular views of the city the Black Forest, and the Vosges Mountains.

View from the Strasbourg Cathedral Tower
There are many well-preserved historic corners in the old city with the Quartier des Tanneurs, also known as "La Petite France” being one of the most charming. Take a walk back in time admiring 16-17th centuries half-timbered houses where the city's leather tanners and fishermen used to live. 

Another characteristic neighbourhood with a lively village atmosphere is the Quartier Krutenau where you will find picturesque canals, art galleries and quaint restaurants.

The opulent 18th-century Palais des Rohan houses three museums: the Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Decorative Arts and Archaeological Museum. Here you can see priceless works by such European masters as Botticelli, Delacroix, Van Dyck, Giotto, Goya, El Greco, Rubens, Véronèse, the opulent bishop’s apartment, excellent collections of decorative arts and antiquities.

La Petite France
At the quay by the Palais des Rohan you can hop on one of the boats that sail around the Grande Ile and take you up past many important sites including the beautiful modern European Parliament’s building.

Don’t leave Strasbourg without trying its delicious hearty cuisine. The city boasts several Michelin-starred restaurants and a plethora of excellent eateries serving typical Alsatian dishes accompanied by excellent world-famous local wines.

Photos via Flickr by: Carlos Andrés Reyes, Michael Camilleri, Gerry Balding.

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